Long Arm Floor Stand for Phone and Tablet

With the increasing use of smartphones and tablets for various tasks, having a reliable and flexible holder is essential. The Long Arm Floor Stand for Phone Tablet offers a convenient solution for hands-free use of your devices. This adjustable floor stand holder is designed to securely hold smartphones and tablets ranging from 4.7″ to 10″ in size. In this article, we will explore the benefits of the Long Arm Floor Stand for Phone Tablet, highlighting its 360-degree adjustability and versatility in providing a comfortable viewing experience.

Floor Stand for Phone and Tablet

Floor Stand for Phone and Tablet

Hands-Free Convenience:

The Long Arm Floor Stand frees up your hands, allowing you to comfortably use your smartphone or tablet without the need to hold it. Whether you’re watching videos, reading, browsing the internet, or video calling, this stand provides a stable and secure platform, leaving your hands free for other tasks.

Adjustable Viewing Angles:

The floor stand holder offers 360-degree rotation and a flexible gooseneck arm, allowing you to adjust the viewing angle of your device to suit your preference. Whether you want to watch content in landscape or portrait mode, or adjust the height and tilt for optimal viewing, this stand provides customisable angles to enhance your viewing experience.

Wide Device Compatibility:

The Long Arm Floor Stand is compatible with a wide range of devices, including smartphones and tablets ranging from 4.7″ to 10″ in size. This versatility allows you to use the stand with various devices, making it suitable for households with multiple users or for different tasks that require different-sized devices.

Stable and Secure Design:

The floor stand features a sturdy base that provides stability and prevents wobbling or tipping during use. The adjustable holder cradle securely grips your device, keeping it in place and minimising the risk of accidental drops or damage.

Versatile Usage:

In addition to personal use, the Long Arm Floor Stand can be beneficial for various settings. It can be used in the office for presentations, in the kitchen for following recipes, or in the bedroom for hands-free entertainment. Its versatility makes it a practical accessory for different environments and tasks.

Portability and Easy Assembly:

Despite its sturdy design, the Long Arm Floor Stand is often designed to be portable and easy to assemble. It can be disassembled or folded for convenient storage or transportation, making it suitable for use in different locations or for those who frequently travel.


The Long Arm Floor Stand for Phone Tablet provides a convenient and adjustable solution for hands-free use of smartphones and tablets. With its 360-degree adjustability, wide device compatibility, stable design, and versatile usage, this floor stand holder enhances your viewing experience and offers convenience in various settings. Whether you’re working, cooking, or enjoying entertainment, the Long Arm Floor Stand keeps your device securely in place, allowing you to have a comfortable and hands-free experience. Invest in this practical accessory and enjoy the benefits of convenient device use in your daily life.

Pros & Cons:


  • he adjustable and flexible gooseneck arm of the Long Arm Floor Stand allows you to position your device at an ergonomic viewing height, reducing strain on your neck, back, and arms during extended use.
  • Dependent Tasks: The sturdy base of the floor stand ensures stability, which is particularly useful when using the device for tasks that require precision, such as drawing, writing, or playing musical instruments on a tablet.
  • The floor stand eliminates the need for a separate table or surface to hold your device, saving valuable space on your desk or countertop.


  • While the Long Arm Floor Stand provides stability, it is not as portable or mobile as handheld holders. If you require frequent movement or the ability to use your device in various locations, a handheld or more portable stand might be more suitable.

Floor Stand for Phone and Tablet – FAQs

Q1: Can I charge my device while it is in the Long Arm Floor Stand?

Yes, depending on the design of the floor stand and the location of the charging port on your device, it is possible to charge your device while it is mounted in the stand. However, it is important to ensure that the charging cable has enough length to reach your device.

Q2: Is the Long Arm Floor Stand height-adjustable?

The height of the Long Arm Floor Stand may vary depending on the specific model. Some models have an adjustable height feature, allowing you to modify the stand’s height according to your needs, while others have a fixed height.

Q3: Can the Long Arm Floor Stand be used on uneven surfaces?

It is advisable to use the Long Arm Floor Stand on a flat and stable surface for optimal stability and performance. Uneven surfaces may affect the stability of the stand and increase the risk of it tipping over.

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